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The R Weekly podcast offers a quick description of the latest highlighted stories and other stories from the latest R Weekly issue, as curated by the R Weekly team and R community.

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  • Issue 2023-W24 Highlights

    June 14th, 2023  |  43 mins 21 secs

    A batch of useful patterns for your next R project, the highly-anticipated dashboard components of {bslib} have arrived, and creating circle-based charts with customization using {ggtricks}.

  • Issue 2023-W23 Highlights

    June 6th, 2023  |  37 mins 53 secs

    Another terrific illustration of open-source collaboration in the latest updates to gptstudio, and a comprehensive journey of web scraping in R to bring much-needed automation to a practical research problem.

  • Issue 2023-W22 Highlights

    June 1st, 2023  |  38 mins 38 secs

    Another gem in the functional programming toolkit with partial functions, simplifying R package creation using fusen, and a creative visualization of worldwide parliament representation.

  • Issue 2023-W21 Highlights

    May 25th, 2023  |  39 mins 6 secs

    A must-have resource to get you primed for testing R packages interfacing with the web, how ggblend taps into new compositing functionality for clearer plots, and how R stacks up with Excel in handling dates.

  • Issue 2023-W20 Highlights

    May 17th, 2023  |  41 mins 4 secs

    Introducing the new ggflowchart package, how a dockerized development environment is another win for reproducibility, and our take on Colin Fay's keynote from the Appsilon Shiny Conference.

  • Issue 2023-W18 Highlights

    May 3rd, 2023  |  39 mins 40 secs

    Why effective code reviews can bring many benefits to data science teams, the origin story of the sketch package to transpile R code to JavaScript, and a primer on error handling in both R and Python.

  • Issue 2023-W17 Highlights

    April 26th, 2023  |  42 mins 33 secs

    A few strict checks offered in R 4.3.0, measuring and writing performant code in the Tidyverse, and a please for indenting your code with (more) spaces.

  • Issue 2023-W16 Highlights

    April 19th, 2023  |  42 mins 24 secs

    Using development containers to bootstrap a reproducible R and Quarto environment, a comprehensive approach to extending the data frame class, and plotting your own universe of labels with ggsolar.

  • Issue 2023-W15 Highlights

    April 12th, 2023  |  47 mins 2 secs

    A data-driven look at package loading annotations in R scripts, a fit-for-purpose package that makes a large contribution to the global R ecosystem, and a collection of amazing showcases of webR in action that is paving the way for continued innovation.

  • Issue 2023-W14 Highlights

    April 7th, 2023  |  28 mins 36 secs

    Ten unique ways to create your own Web APIs in R, and how you can import local and remote data files in CSV and (yes) Excel formats with a selection of innovative R packages.

  • Issue 2023-W13 Highlights

    March 29th, 2023  |  34 mins 31 secs

    A new perspective on the value of base R functions, enhancing the capabilities of gpttools with vector databases, and three ways you can add alt text to your R-based visualizations.

  • Issue 2023-W11 Highlights

    March 15th, 2023  |  36 mins 45 secs

    The future of running R in your web browser is here with webR 0.1, a demonstration of integrating Quarto and webR with immense potential in the space of reproducible analysis, and two fundamental techniques from the world of software development tailored to non-programmers.

  • Issue 2023-W10 Highlights

    March 10th, 2023  |  34 mins 43 secs

    A episode full of discovery in this week's edition of R-Weekly Highlights! How you can parse your own R code with parse and getParseData, a closer look at the search capabilities in R-Universe, and a look back at the key milestones in the history of the R language.

  • Issue 2023-W09 Highlights

    March 1st, 2023  |  36 mins 10 secs

    How to easily create interactive versions of your favorite ggplots with ggiraph, bringing AutoML to R with forester, and a head-to-head comparison of R and Excel for common data wrangling and summaries.

  • Issue 2023-W08 Highlights

    February 22nd, 2023  |  37 mins 49 secs

    The current state and future of {rtweet}, bringing the best of testing and CI/CD in a statistical package, and navigating through a Shiny maze (literally).

  • Issue 2023-W07 Highlights

    February 15th, 2023  |  38 mins 28 secs

    A glimpse into the day-to-day of maintaining an R package, exploring gender effects in art history data with the power of resampling, and a huge win for accessible SVG plots with R-Markdown.